Day of the dead event

Day of the Dead 2019

emories of last year’s Day of the Dead event in Sarasota, FL. Special thanks to Larry and Denise Monaco for hosting such a successful fundraiser.


Student Ingenuity

Pablo Aragon has graduated from college a year ago. He secured a teaching job last fall here in Oaxaca. Pablo lost his job due to the pandemic and is waiting in his hometown for it to subside. While at home, he’s been busy working in the fields with his father, and creating beautiful embroidery with…


Cinco de Mayo Online Event

Casa de Kids celebrated it’s 7th Annual Cinco de Mayo Event online on May 4 & 5th, 2020. Check below what we accomplished as well as news we shared during those days. 7th Annual Cinco de Mayo Event 2020 May 4 & 5 THANK YOU! We all did it together–thanks to YOU! For our 7th…


Past Cinco de Mayo Events

Memories of other “in person” Cinco de Mayo events in Sarasota, FL. Most people who attended donated generously. Now during this pandemic our student’s costs are the same while they continue to attend classes online. Please donate today!

Tax Benefits of CARES Act

New charitable deduction for taxpayers who do not itemize. Beginning in 2020, individuals can deduct $300 in charitable contributions even if you do not itemize. Donations must be made in cash (check or credit card). Gifts of appreciated securities and gifts to a donor advised fund do not qualify. These gifts can greatly assist Casa…


Long Path to Becoming an MD

We’d like to introduce you to Jose Alberto, one of our four students in medical school here in Oaxaca city. He comes to us from the tropical, southern part of Oaxaca called Istmo. His parents have manual labor jobs, and could not afford to put him through medical school. Jose has been in our Casa…


Christmas Celebration 2019

To close the year, last month we held our bimonthly reunion which included a mini class on how to perform at a job interview. Teresa Diaz, our invited guest, gave our students 10 steps for a successful interview. This mini class was followed by Christmas dinner as well as gifts for all our students and…


Meeting Eraclio & Exploring His Village

Last month we shared the first part of our exploration to visit one of our student’s villages. Our two car caravan included Drew, CdK associate Pam, her family and a guest who came from Connecticut, USA. The student is Eraclio, a young man in our program studying mechanical engineering. He comes from a mountain village…


Run for a cause

On December 1st, Worlds AID Day, CdK staff as well as students supported and participated in a 5K/10K run, benefiting a local HIV awareness campaign for college students. This big event was organized by one of our medical students (Jose Alberto) and hosted by a state of Oaxaca University (URSE). Also, one of our forensic science…